Foundations of Machine Learning

Tentative Syllabus: Syllabus_ML_Oxford_2023.pdf


  • Review of decision theory Slides
  • Probably approximately correct learning theory Slides
  • Shrinkage in the normal means model Slides

Supervised learning

  • Gaussian process priors and reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces Slides
  • Regression trees and random forests Slides
  • Deep neural nets Slides
  • Double/debiased machine learning Slides

Online learning and active learning

  • Overview of online learning and active learning Slides
  • Online learning Slides
  • Online convex optimization Slides
  • Bandit problems Slides
  • Reinforcement learning Slides

Ethics and machine learning

Class readers

Homework problems

  1. foundations_ml_ps1.pdf
  2. foundations_ml_ps2.pdf
  3. foundations_ml_ps3.pdf

Machine learning books

Programming in R

Data visualization