Estimating publication bias using meta-studies

This app allows you to estimate models of selective publication using meta-studies. The estimated models give (1) the probability of publication given the z-statistic, and (2) the distribution of true effects among all studies (published and unpublished).

To use this app:

  1. Upload a .csv file of your meta-study, with estimates in the first column and standard errors in the second column.
    Omit column headers and use comma-separated format.
  2. Choose a step-function model for p: Symmetric in Z or not, and cutoffs corresponding to critical values for two-sided tests at the 10%, 5%, and 1% levels.
  3. Choose a model for the distribution true effects. For now, this app allows normal distributions and t-distributions.
  4. Estimate the model by pressing the button.

To read more about the theoretical background, go to PublicationBias.pdf.
The source code for the app can be downloaded at
An example dataset can be found here: cleaned_minwage_data.csv. These are data from Wolfson and Belman (2015), who conducted a meta-analysis of studies on the elasticity of employment with respect to the minimum wage.