• Date: 20th of June 2022
  • Location: Magdalen College
  • Length of talks: 15 minutes.
    Length of discussions: 10 minutes.

Tentative schedule

  • 9:00am: Alex Teytelboym, Dynamic Placement in Refugee Resettlement
    Discussant: Christophe Gaillac
  • 9:30am Aislinn Kelly-Lyth, Jeremias Adams-Prassl, and Reuben Binns, Directly discriminatory algorithms
    Discussant: Alex Teytelboym
  • 10:00am Christophe Gaillac, Labor Market Recommender Systems
    Discussant: Aislinn Kelly-Lyth / Jeremias Adams-Prassl

10:30am: Coffee Break

  • 10:45am Martin Weidner, A Neyman Orthogonalization Approach to the Incidental Parameter Problem
    Discussant: Emmet Hall-Hoffarth
  • 11:15am Jeremy Large, Estimating Very Large Demand Systems
    Discussant: Martin Weidner

12:15pm: Lunch Break

  • 1:30pm Samira Barzin, ML meets Satellites meets development econ
    Recorded, no discussant.
  • 2:00pm Julian Ashwin, Qualitative Analysis at Scale: Aspirations in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh
    Discussant: Jeremy Large

2:30pm Coffee Break

2:45pm Keynote I: Michael Jordan,
On Dynamics-Informed, Learning-Aware Mechanism Design
This talk will be streamed publicly on Youtube.

  • 4:00pm Stephen Hansen, Firm-Level Responses to Common News Shocks
    Discussant: Julian Ashwin
  • 4:30pm Emmet Hall-Hoffarth, NN estimation for DSGE models
    Discussant: Stephen Hansen

5:00pm Coffee Break

5:15pm Keynote II: Annie Liang,
The Transfer Performance of Economic Models